It’s a rainy day




As the sun soars high in the sky and the tarmac shimmers in the heat.
I walk along on a grassy patch, with my headphones attach.
My throat has gone dry, mumbling to the beat.
I have nothing but a bottle, which is half empty.
My feet they never stop, because I’ve got some stress to cope.
The trees, they give me shade.
Our shadows becoming one as I stroll past them.
The dogs pretending to be brave, until I reach out,
its the care they crave.
Leaves fall down to the earth, yellowish blade
some curling through in the wind, others gently floating

I look on to the horizon, where the hills meet the heavens
and soon realize its all going to change in a matter of hours.
The glimmer of thunder at the distance does not reach my ears yet,
but the cool breeze reassures me of whats going to happen next.
As the blue of the sky turns to grey, I ask myself
should I turn back home, or is it time to play?
I have decided and so have the birds, as they flock together the greet the showers first.
The magic when a single drop of water hits the dirt, and the aroma fills you to the core.
“Petrichor!!” been ages if I recall.
Despite being drenched from heat to toe, and whether my mobile is gonna work fine or no.
The rain has mesmerized me completely, even though being a brief respite.


Well its a rainy day, the first of many more to come, i pray.



Random Plans


In a routine which has to be strict, every day, all week

where deadlines have to be met, taking stress to its peak

To mundane Mondays, tiresome Tuesdays, wearisome Wednesdays

respite from this, is all I seek

To tedious Thursdays,  forlorn Fridays, comes the weekend to the rescue

full of hopes and cherished dreams of meeting friends and family,

eventually waits in a queue, because sleep is more important, mind you!

inspite of all this, i’m one proud geek.

but as i do what i do best, i sometimes make random plans

plans i know which wont see the light of the day

but then, its fun

fun to be lost while staring at the stars, the sound of tricking water

walking down the woods, no one to bother

the grandeur of the ocean and the sun setting in its bottom

someday, these plans will reignite the soul of the traveler in me

and methodical actions will set me free


imageswas lost in thoughts today while on a morning walk. usually do them is what i was thinking.

What am I?

Who am I? the answer to this i know
it is an identity, or the way every individual perceives me

but it is how I perceive myself that defines what i am.

but how am i able to perceive myself. Senses,i guess.

my eyes see me through the mirror
‘fat’ the first word that comes to mind.
mind is tricky, tells me immediately i’m pleasently plump.
soothing, ha ha.

my nose tells me i smell bad
i should take a bath, but i already had

my ears tell me i sound old and heavy
but i aint that savvy

restless, i am not able to appretiate the taste of the food my mother cooks for me
leftovers, go down the drain, so let it be

i feel the pleasant warmth of the sun and the cool breeze while on the morning stroll
that soldiers lose their legs while on border patrol
that children are hungry while their mother build houses for others
that some children haven’t heard their own voice, let alone their parents
that many go days without a proper bath as there is no clean water
that being fat or thin, fair or dark doesn’t matter, one needs to be comfortable within and friends.

what am I?
here is the answer

I AM GRATEFUL, for having such trivial problems.


its not a poem as you can guess. but i gave it a title nonetheless.he he




what do i find when i look inside
a wound so deep and wide
i can’t touch it, but i carry it with me
for others the judge of what would become of me
most stare, some laugh, a few try to persuade me to have faith
but i know deep inside, this wound so wide
there is nothing left.

i never wanted this, neither did any of you
i refrain from blaming others, many a times, its true
because i know this wound is my own imagination,
by punishing myself for deeds to which i had no obligations
what do i find when i look inside
just a tired child wanting some attention

what are friends for, when no one has the time to surprise you with a call
when i have met a dead end, standing against a wall
i have tried to reach out
but they seem to have no time beside their smile and pout
what do i find when i look inside
a friend who hasn’t been trusted at all.

fate it seems has a bait for me
in disguise of the morning sun
i tell myself its a new start a new beginning and start to run.
horrors of the night lay waste to the day
ready to do my work, problems come as they may
the wound is just the play of your intellect
which you either succumb to, or neglect

what do i find now, when i look inside
i find myself, writing my own destiny.



in this never ending bitterness
pour your heart out with a mouthful of sweet words

in this never ending darkness
stand up to the world with a smile full of glimmer

in this never ending loneliness
reach out to an old friend and share

in this never ending queasiness
take a breath

in this never ending selfishness, to prove ourselves right,
give room to perspective

in this never ending cycle of different phases, to which we stand witness.
learn from it,

that within lies greatness.

The Struggle


Lessons learnt by the day, Gets you through the night
As the doors close, and there is no way out in sight.
From those whom you expected love, greet you with closed arms.
Judging you as if there are no harms
Many of who live in solitude suffer,
there are scholars who beg to differ.
All they do is give the whole act a word.
It is hard to feel the pain of a broken winged bird

Yet every step you take today, let’s you see the light seeping through the door as a ray.
Push forth and claim what is rightfully yours.
don’t worry about the bruises n sores.
You either give in to despair, or you get up to an opportunity.
Faith in yourself, is ur immunity.

Lessons learnt by the day, gets you though the night.
Where there is a Will, there the ideas take flight.

The Way of Life



Years flew by hoping times would change.
Toiling with my thoughts, trying them to arrange.
Sure of who I was, skeptical of what I am in this melange.
Tomorrow definitely is going to be strange.

Worry not, I tell myself.
For what has happened, has happened.
Let go of the fear, wipe the eyes that have dampened.
Prepare for a fight, care less if you are abandoned.

Pain is the name of the game, expectations being it’s trigger.
Alienating from others, as tempers rise quicker.
All you need to be is a content introspector.
Welcoming others in a heart that is now bigger.

Then the day would dawn where fortune favours you
Find happiness in all what u do.

Thank you.